Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hashem's Creatures - Up Close and Personal

There's really no reason that I'm posting these pics at this time.
I took them.
I like them.
End of story......

(I suppose the eyes could count for a Ruby Tuesday.... What do you think?)


anemonen said...

Great shot. I love the close up! Have a nice day.

reg said...

fantastic close ups here. My first thought was to get the fly spray. I have taken pics like this as well and they are fasinating

Auntie E said...

Great capture... I just like the way they bodies look, so neon like.
My Ruby Link for you.

WAdsworth3 said...

The pictures are truly amazing! It makes you realize the complexity of even the smallest creatures.

(How much did you have to zoom for the close up?)

G6 said...

WAdsworth23 -
Thank you.
I agree with you.
Hashem's creatures have such intricate beauty.
I actually didn't have to zoom in much at all.
The flies were quite cooperative and let me lean in pretty close on a macro setting.

Lola said...

Great close up suxh an interesting insect!

Happy Ruby Tuesday,


btw Mine this time is HERE. Hope you can stop by.

ProfK said...

Amazing how something as small as a fly can be seen as both beautiful and interesting and also as a pest. The Rebbetzin's Husband has a posting up today about a fly in the house that he was considering killing and here you are showing how uniquely interesting that same fly can be. What is it that they say about context being everything?

BLD said...

The Yetzer Harah is compared to a fly.

Sophie Golden said...

Everything that Hashem has created is beautiful, even this fly which usually looks quite disgusting.