Wednesday, September 29, 2010

GWC2D Succah Hop Meets The Chossid On Chol Hamoed...

Avid readers of my blog may be familiar with my "Chossid On Chol Hamoed" photos.
This is my favorite (taken back in 2008 - notice the shtreimel resting beside him), but others are here and here.

Well, since I am up to my neck in Succah Hop pictures, I thought I'd combine the two in one posting.

Long time blog reader and commenter, the oxymoronic Yekkishe Bekkishe made his annual pilgrimage to our neighborhood to daven Hoshana Rabo in the shul where his grandfather z"l davened. (Some people take their families to the zoo on Chol Hamoed, some people take them to see the Yekkes...)

I captured this photo of him in front of KAJ's Catered Succah.

Here's wishing him, along with all my other readers a wonderful Yom Tov!


Anonymous said...

i never saw a person with a bekkisha wear tefilin on chol hamoed until today now i understand why

? said...

Didn't his father z"l daven there at one time?

Yekkishe Bekishe said...

No, he didn't. My father O'bm lived in Newark until 1963 & then moved to Boro Park. Occasionally, we went to the Heights, to visit my grandmother O"bm, my uncle & aunt - both O"bm & my cousins.