Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My New Shopping Site Discovery

Those of you with little ones out there might already be familiar with, the 21st century convenient way to order diapers delivered straight to your home at a reasonable price online.

But those of us a few years out of the baby business might be interested to know that they just opened a sister site Not only do they offer FREE 1-2 day shipping on all orders over $25, but their prices on a lot of items are very competitive. They carry soap, detergent, toilet paper, lens solution, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant and much much more. I must tell you that I am a very satisfied customer.

And now they are offering my blog readers who are NEW customers 15% off their first order. (As a bonus, this coupon will also work for new customers on, but will not work if you are already a customer on one of their sites)

Get 15% off
your first order
use code SILV7629
shop for all your home essentials: Gillette Razors, Dove Soap, Moroccan Oil
check out probiotics
Buy Home Essentials at
Home Essentials
Not valid for existing or customers. Some resctrictions apply.
Buy Home Essentials at

Don't thank me.... I'm a giver.... ;)


Something Different said...

Does it benefit you if we order?

G6 said...

SD -
I get credit for the referral.
I honestly think that it's a great deal, especially with the coupon applied.
If you don't agree, don't order.
If you do agree, it's a win/win situation.

yekke wannabe said...

I only get T.I.D.E. laundry detergent.

cuzzin buzzin said...

prices are better than walmart, target, shoprite or pathmark?

Rivki Silver said...

This makes me so happy. I like coupons, and I like having things shipped to me so I don't have to shlep it as far. And they have the brands I want, which my grocery stores don't even always have! Thank you!

ruchel said...

Yekke Wannabe -

I think there is more to being a yekke then using tide detergent. Do you drive a pontiac G6 also?