Friday, October 29, 2010

Food Photo Friday - Contest Submissions

With only days left to enter my Cookbook Giveaway, I thought that I'd share with you some of the photo submissions that I received as entries.

(don't Sari L.'s Chocolate Chip Sticks & Deep Chocolate White Chunk Cookies
both from The Kosher Palette look yummy?)

(and these Hot Pretzels - two ways, from Kids in the Kitchen,
were made by Malkie's 14 year old brother!)
[I love the plates!!]

(How cute are Erica's 8 year old identical twin daughters
as they prepare falafel chicken?)

(I made this collage out of Bartholomew's start-to-finish
photo submissions for Fettuccine Alfredo from
Kosher By Design Short On Time. It should be noted that
he brought a bowl over for taste testing that day as well and
it was DELICIOUS... and no! Despite his asking, there are no
bonus entries for his generosity ;) )



Mark said...

Falafel chicken?

What is falafel chicken? I love falafel and I love chicken, so this sounds intriguing!

Shabbat Shalom all!

y w said...

Sari's l- i don't like chocolate chips sticks i think it for people who are lazy it looks like a loaf of bread and you take a bread slicer to cut it but i like the deep chocolate white chunk cookies could i come over for some tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

Finally pics of the eineklach - adorable. Please keep away from the stove.
I too want to know about falafel chicken.

G6 said...

LOL Anonymous -
Not THAT Erica..... though the girls are adorable, they are no relation of mine...

Re the Falafel Chicken, it is on Page #128 of Kosher By Design Short On Time.

Mark said...

Re the Falafel Chicken, it is on Page #128 of Kosher By Design Short On Time.

Thanks! We have all the Kosher by Design cookbooks in our kitchen (except for the most recent one).