Friday, October 29, 2010

Mazel Tov!

Heartiest Mazel Tov wishes go out to blog reader aN Dy, on his recent engagement to "we really need a pseudonym for you". As I told you already aN Dy, she's too good for you :P.

When aN Dy brought his soon-to-be Kallah to our Friday night table a few weeks ago we had a really nice time. I had to behave myself though.... My mischievous streak thought that it would have been SO MUCH FUN to have had the printed L'Chaim invitation that his parents sent out BEFORE he even asked her (!!!) hung up on my refrigerator where all of the other simcha invitations are displayed. She might have seen it when we all went to the kitchen to wash. But that would have ruined his surprise.... {evil grin}
Apparently he sent her on a scavenger hunt throughout Manhattan, to places that they'd been on dates. I sure am glad she said yes! All that postage............. :D

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cuzzin buzzin said...

do you think the whole rose petal thing began cuz someone dropped a vase with old flowers and didn't bother to clean it up before His Intended came into the room?? I don't get it