Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow Day - My Favorite Shot of the Day

This shot of Bryant Park in midtown Manhattan wins the vote for my favorite hands down!
I've sat on those very same chairs many a time - on Succos in their fabulous public Succah, in the summer and their Summer Film Festivals and at numerous other "Broadway in the Park", "Opera in the Park", or just hanging out with my family events.
It's awesome to see them buried to their gills :)

Scroll down on this post, for my favorite shot of the big snowstorm aftermath a little over a year ago.


Anonymous said...

Wait'll you see the pics I'm uploading now to send to you! I went out again special to take them....they range from pretty to pretty crazy!

toby said...

That is a great shot - really interesting and beautiful! Can't you send just a little bit of that snow over here, please?

Mystery Woman said...

That's a gorgeous picture. I can almost see the beauty in snow here...which is hard to do where I am.