Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We're Here For You... Now and ALWAYS

I know that I've endorsed companies that I firmly believe in, on this blog, in the past.
(By the way, my Soap.com coupon code for new customers is still valid - just enter SILV7629 at checkout....)
I know that I've bashed some company's customer service in the past as well, though I don't like to give names.

Land's End is not compensating me in ANY way for this endorsement, but I just have to share with my readers this funny, "above and beyond" story.

This morning, in my email inbox, I find yet another daily this tantalizing new offer from Lands End. 30% off my entire order AND free shipping. "Whatta Deal," as they say.... Jen needs gloves, a hat, tights.... did I forget something? Off I went to put together my online order. I plugged in my offer code - gave a smug little grin at the eighteen dollar and change discount applied - and then furrowed my brow when I noticed the shipping charge remaining. A quick check of my email revealed that my careless reading caused me to miss the part about free shipping on orders over $100. This was the part where I picked up the phone and called Land's End directly. They have the most AMAZING customer service in the world and I happen to be an equally amazing customer, so I figured that it wouldn't hurt to ask... I barely got my request out of my mouth and the lovely Land's End Lady reassured me that she will cheerfully, gladly, merrily reverse the shipping charges.

Just as I was finishing up with the pesky details, I heard a call waiting beep on my line. Land's End Lady was happy - nay THRILLED - to hold for a moment while I checked who was on the other line. It was my sister. I told my sister to hang on for a second while I quickly finished up with my order. After I completed the order with the still perky Lady, I quickly switched back to the other call. Suffice it to say that my sister and I are very close on an emotional level and very far apart on a physical plane, so phone calls aren't short, to say the least. We spoke for quite some time, at which point her other line rang with an important call and she told me she'd call me back. When I disconnected the call, I got a "ring back" on my phone, similar to if I had somebody on hold, which was odd. I answered the phone:
"Yes, hello Ma'am. This is your Land's End Lady again. I'm not able to disconnect your call. You have to hang up first."
Apparently, I had picked up my sister's call without actually hanging up the other call. Whereas MOST customer service reps hang up on me with NO PROVOCATION, this one couldn't. And she was JUST AS CHEERFUL through my profuse apologies as she had been all along.

Boy, do I feel foolish.....


FBB said...

They really are nice!

When my daughter was seven she loved Land's End so much she sent them a letter describing how she loved their clothes, and how she hoped they would "have good business."

They sent her back a personal (not form) letter with a pencil, a postcard, and something else that I cannot remember!

"WE LOVE LAND'S END" is a familiar refrain in this house.

BLD said...

I miss the Pirsum project.

Anonymous said...

Do you know that Lands End lets you return items even if you had them personalized?

My friends granparents buys all of their pajamas from a Lands End outlet store with random initials on them for quite a lot of savings

perlsand said...

Wow, that's amazing. I have to say that customer relations is something I really miss since making aliyah over 24 years ago. Israel can never catch up! The big news this month was that the Knesset passed a long-overdue law that customers can get their money back instead of a store credit!You can't imagine the excitement it generated among the consumers.
One must focus on all the positive things that happen when making aliyah and b"h there are many.

G6 said...

BLD - me too!
Anonymous - yes, I did know about their "guaranteed, period" policy. Cute story. That explains why little "Moishie Shapiro" might be running around in flannel pajamas emblazoned with "PB"....
Perlsand - Land's End does ship internationally ... and some say it's worth it.

Mystery Woman said...

I always wondered how it pays financially for them to have that unlimited lifetime guarantee. I know people who keep returning things like shoes and getting the next size. Maybe they make their money on procrastinators like me who never get to actually make the return.

G6 said...

Mystery Woman -
While I have in the past returned things to Land's End after wearing (in the very unusual event where their product does not hold up over time to the standards that I have come to expect from them) I'd HATE to believe that there are people out there who abuse the system by 'sizing up' as their children grow.
As they say, "I'm not mekabel". ;)

Nomi said...

They are amazing in the customer service department! And they happily give sizing advice, texture reports and just about anything else that you might ask. They are also ALWAYS willing to help you save some money on your orders. And you can return anything to a Sears store, regardless of whether or not the store carries the item, which means that you don't have to pay for return shipping.
That being said, while I don't have the same kind of experience with LL Bean, they have a lifetime return policy that they make sure to stress to customers.

some things have limits said...

that's lovely, anonymous. but I wouldn't be too thrilled if my husband had cozy flannels that say "rosie" on them

Anonymous said...

i do actually know someone who was "blacklisted" from order from Lands End for sizing up all their (kids)clothes. I found out when they asked a friend do their order for them!! I was actually glad to know they wont let you take advantage of the policy and I think that is why they can stand behind it.