Sunday, April 17, 2011

Busy Season - A Repost

The following was posted last year shortly before Pesach and it bears reposting (with added links) in my current state of "cooking hibernation".

I'm very sorry but now that I've "turned over" my kitchen, posts are spotty.
I've been up to my elbows in potatoes, though I do plan to give you a delicious recipe for eggplant fritters shortly.
In the interim, please feel free to view some of my previous Pesach related posts.
There's my post about traditions.
There's my post about an unusual plate.
There's even a post about how our fish deals with Pesach.
Gee, how did I manage to be so prolific last year?

Oh and don't forget the first and second photos in my "Chossid on Chol Hamoed" series!

Enjoy the look back and stay tuned :)

Oh, and here's yet another "oldie but goodie" - My Lesser Known Universal Pesach Moments.


Y W said...

Did you make extra chocolate matzo just in case any of your blog readers might want to stop by?

BLD said...

If we make time, you have to make time for your loyal readers.

Anonymous said...

Did you get any "Chossid on Chol Hamoed" pictures this year?