Thursday, May 31, 2012

Breuer's In Bloom - An Article In Mishpacha Magazine

I waited the full week, as per Mishpacha Magazine's request and for all those who commented, emailed, Facebooked, what have you - thank you for your patience.
I have embedded the article about Avram's work on the Shavuos flowers at KAJ.
In the lower right of the embed boxes is a small icon that when clicked, will open the document in full screen so that you don't have to scroll around. (You can "right click" and select "open in new tab" if you want to keep this blog post open.)

... and in this week's issue, this letter to the editor:


Our Broken Yeshivos said...

I loved that article. Great stuff.

Tembow said...

I meant to email right after yom tov to tell you how much i loved the interview... So beautiful!!

Rivkah T said...

That was really lovely. Hashem Joachim to your family for taking this responsibility.