Friday, June 15, 2012

Food Photo Friday - Deli Wraps

The Shabbos table in the summer time can get pretty warm.
Especially if you are like us, and serve hot soup 52 weeks a year.
That's why I like to make these appetizers on occasion on Friday nights. They usually make enough for leftovers to double as additions to the main dish of a cold Shabbos lunch meal.
Deli wraps are very versatile with regard to ingredients.
I like to buy two different flavor combinations, more for color than for taste. Pictured here are Sundried Tomato and Spinach Wraps.
I lightly spread a layer of Hellman's Sandwich Spread onto 2/3 of the wrap, then add a mixture consisting of bagged salad mix, slivered sundried tomatoes and smoked turkey slices pulled apart into pieces.
I then roll them tightly and wrap in foil for several hours.
Each full sized wrap is then cut into 4 segments.
As you can see they make a very pretty plated presentation... doggie knife rests are optional ;)


SuperRaizy said...

They do look very pretty. I love that you use turkey and salad veggies. The deli wraps I've seen use puff pastry dough instead of wraps, and they're usually filled with greasy meat like corned beef and salami. Your version is so much lighter and healthier.

itsagift said...

SO pretty! I love when food looks just as good as it tastes :)