Monday, January 21, 2013

Mini Gourmet Apples for Tu B'shvat

Remember my penchant for minis?
These may the best ones yet.
Miniature gourmet apples.
How perfect would they be for Tu B'shvat?
How did I do it?
I simply used a melon baller on a granny smith apple, skewered the balls, dipped in melted chocolate and toppings.
The results are quite convincing... and no core :)

Wouldn't these be pretty at a kiddush?
Along with my Croatian Star Challahs, they would also tie in nicely with Rosh Hashanah.
You can also try using butterscotch or peanut butter chips for dipping.... the possibilities are ENDLESS.
Let me know if you try them and how they worked for you.


RonnieVFein said...

What a great idea, especially for kids. Those huge caramel apples are always too big and this is a terrific concept for Tu B'shevat, Hallowee'en and any other time.

Dvora said...

So cute and clever! Using a melon baller on regular apples is such a great idea.

Alessandra (Dinnerinvenice) said...

This is adorable! Love using my melon baller, fun for the kids too !

itsagift said...

These are so pretty and perfect!