Sunday, February 24, 2013

Purim Seudah at Chez G6

...grammen may or may not be posted, pending all legal mumbo jumbo and releases signed in triplicate.


SuperRaizy said...

I love that George Washington came to your Purim seuda!

itsagift said...

Nice pix!

How big are those goblets? Did anyone finish them down in one gulp? Def looks like something someone could get drunk on...unless you fooled us all and it's just plain ol' ginger ale! lol kidding :-)

G6 said...

You DEFINITELY do NOT want to drink out of those goblets.
a) they are ginger ale and water
b) there are CANDLES floating on top!!
But they ARE pretty......

itsagift said...

LOL I missed the candles in those goblets! I was looking for fizz or bubbles or something but I totally missed those lights! I was kidding about the ginger ale but I see you weren't. :-)
Yes, they definitely are pretty...thanks for these shots!