Friday, February 15, 2008

Special Pesach Offer -- Make Your Reservation Now While Space Still Available!!

I cannot take credit for this. It was forwarded to my by Ricki, but I find it absolutely FABULOUS.

Your Family Presents…


Celebrating over 3,000 years of Pesach with Jewish families…

For the entire Pesach:
Ø Gebrokts/Non Genrokts- depending on your family custom
Ø Hand/Machine matzah- depending on your family custom
Ø Private sedorim with your spouse and children
Ø Highly stimulating family-oriented discussions upon request
Ø Daf Yomi and other shiurim with your Rav in your shul
Ø Shul stocked with seforim
Ø Warm friendly neighbors and friends for your children to play with
Ø Sumptuous gourmet meals
Ø Dancing and singing at every meal
Ø Chol Hamoed trips – to discuss and decide with entire family
Ø All food cooked under the strict supervision of Mommy
Ø Inspiring divrei Torah and nachas from your children

MBD, Shweky, Gabay, Lipa, and Dachs
Rabbis Alter & Erps
Rabbis Frand & Krohn
Available on tape/CD the entire Chol Hamoed

Fulfill the mitzvah of Sippur Yetzias Mitzryaim properly-
Tell your children the story of the exodus from Egypt without all the distractions of hotels
Special Chinuch program: Let your children witness your mesiras nefesh to prepare for this beloved Yom Tov

Abba/Totty/Dad, Mommy/Ima, Kinderlach/Children
Will be joining us for the ENTIRE Yom Tov
Special guest appearances by BUBBY and Zaydey

So this year when you declare "Kol dichfin yaysay v'yaychol" you won't mean "Whoever can help cover the hotel bill can join us"….

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YW said...

I was not sure where to place this so picked the last post from the last leap year. Just wondering members of the leap year day babies club when do they celebrate their birthdays. Some say have it on February 28 because they were born in February others say have it march 1 because if it wasn't a leap year that would have been their birthday some party guys celebrate both. Do we have any members of the Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies in the audience?