Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Vast British Conspiracy

OK, so we've been here in London for nearly six whole days and we've seen only glorious blue skies and sunshine, save one hour of rain on Shabbos morning.
I have decided that the Londoners just cannot tolerate the "ugly American tourists" so they invented this whole weather sham to keep us away.
Well, little did they know that I would "out" them.
Manchester, on the other hand, really DOES have horrible weather.  I heard a joke on Friday that you only need three things when you move to Manchester....
  • a ticket
  • an umbrella
  • a return ticket
Looking forward to blogging from New York very soon..... :)


Anonymous said...

I think everyone misses your "home" blog. There seems to be less interest in England.

G6 said...

My stats don't necessarily bear out your contention.
I'm sorry you missed the "usual".
The good news is that I'm home.
So who wants to come for Shabbos?

Louisa said...

I am interested! There is just less to comment on.