Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Berkshire Bank Art Show

The Berkshire Bank is the coolest bank (and I don't say that because I'm related to any of the VP's or anything...).
They not only are THE SINGLE MOST CUSTOMER FRIENDLY bank you will encounter (no voicemail - ever), they also participate in exciting local events in and around their various branches.
This weekend, the Upper Manhattan branch participated in the Uptown Arts Stroll 2009. If you missed it, the branch will continue to display the paintings and photographs for a couple more weeks. Stop in. I guarantee you a surprisingly warm welcome.


BLD said...

Will there be Yiddishe pictures at the branch in Goshen ?

Yekke Wannabe said...

Speaking about banks, could we get your or your husband opinion on the occupied wall street protest?

YW said...

Could I get a recommendation from your husband for a financial advisor or maybe he could help be if I win the Lottery tonight?