Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Did You Have A Lovely Yom Tov?

I am certainly hoping that all of you did.

And if you did, I'm going to give you the following piece of advice (my family need not listen... they went above and beyond...).

Go to the person or people who helped make your Yom Tov so nice and thank them. This could be somebody who hosted your seder This could be somebody who shared divrei Torah with you at the Yom Tov table. This could be somebody who helped arrange a Chol Homoed outing. This could be a family member who stopped in for a visit.
It could be the husband who pitched in with the heavy cleaning - the wife who cooked and cleaned with such dedication - the child who shopped or babysat the little ones.
Call them.
Email them.
Tell them that their efforts had a positive impact on your Pesach.

(Of course, if you did everything all by yourself, you should drop everything go get a massage.... Hey, even if you had help, go get a massage... I'll come with you!)


SuperRaizy said...

That's a really nice idea!

Unknown said...

Thank YOU for a lovely shabbat meal and for welcoming me in as a substitute "havdalah girl".

Yehudah said...

A while back, somebody sent me a thank you note for something I did and found it so touching. It really means a lot to a person.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING LIKE FOR INSTANCE MY CURRENT along with a lot of people made it possible (one of them is also your new havdalah girl)