Friday, April 9, 2010

Food Photo Fridays

You heard me.

Thanks to blog reader FBB, for emailing me the link to this New York Times article.

It provides a fascinating social commentary on the current trend of people photographing the food that they eat and publishing those photos on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, photo sharing websites and a myriad of other sites.

Addtionally, according to the article, bloggers and Facebook-ers are finding that their most popular posts are those that contain photos of their food. (As a personal aside, I find that a significant number of new blog readers find my blog for the first time by googling the name of a specific food. Do you have any idea how many people google "strawberry fluff"???!??)

Kathryn Zerbe, a psychiatrist who specializes in eating disorders, is quoted as saying the following: “In the unconscious mind, food equals love because food is our deepest and earliest connection with our caretaker. So it makes sense that people would want to capture, collect, catalog, brag about and show off their food.” (Personal aside #2: I guess I love you all A LOT...)

Website developer Carl Rosenberg states: “You have more of a direct connection with your food, so it forms a more essential memory of an occasion. I think photographing food is a more accurate way to document life. Food isn’t going to put on a special face when you take a picture of it.”

I couldn't agree more.

Therefore, in my continuing quest to document life (my own as well as others'), I am experimenting with a new meme entitled "Food Photo Friday". I will use many of my own photos, but would love this to be an interactive effort. So start photographing and emailing! I'd love to see what you are all cooking and/or eating. Get creative. This isn't a Susie Fischbein cookbook. This is REAL LIFE. Yours and mine ;)


SuperRaizy said...

I'm sorry, I started gagging the minute I read "strawberry fluff"...

SuperRaizy said...

OK, I'm feeling better now.
Food Photo Fridays is a great idea.
I used the leftover potatoes from Pesach to make a delicious potato salad, but it's all gone now. Next time I cook something good, I'll pull out the camera before I let anyone near it.

Leora said...

a new meme entitled "Food Photo Friday"

Sounds interesting! I was photographing food over Pesach. Now I'm back to photographing blossoms.

Anonymous said...

This new meme looks great. When do you think you'll start and what time will you put it up?
Since I live in France, it would have to be early enough for me to take part before Shabbat.

G6 said...

Ilana -

I had originally thought to post all submitted photos on my blog, but if you'd like me to link to your blog, just email me the link anytime in the week before your Shabbos starts.

toby said...

Oh, my husband just sent me that same article! I think he was relieved to see that there are people out there who photograph food more than I do :)

That's a great idea for a meme! Does it have to be Shabat food, or just any food that we happen to photograph during the week?

G6 said...

Toby -

Any food :D

And ever since reading the article, I am noticing this phenomenon more and MORE. I'm so glad we're not alone ;)

toby said...

Okay, gotcha. I will try to find something good to send you. In the meantime, feel free to take my cukes and tomatoes from today :)

Way to go!