Friday, July 16, 2010

Food Photo Friday - Presentation Matters

I think that by and large people "eat with their eyes" to some extent. "Packaging" and "presentation" can spruce up a ho-hum dish and make people feel like they're feasting.

I usually try to make tricolor gefilte fish when we are having company over, but last week was just too hot (and I concentrated all my energies on the Blueberry Raspberry Tart and Chick Peas). So when the time came to plate the gefilte fish, I decided to go with a little bit of whimsy. I can't honestly tell you that every member of my household appreciated it, but hey, it keeps me entertained and out of trouble.... :D

Oh, and speaking of chick peas.... Since I got a lot of positive feedback from last week's recipe, I'm making a new salad this week. If it turns out well, keep your eyes peeled on future FPFs.


Mrs. S. said...

Cute idea! Did you use celery, carrots, and tomato?

Shavua tov!

BLD said...

Maybe no tricolor due to Shabbos Chazon. Still looks great!

G6 said...

Mrs. S. -
It was actually scallion, carrots and tomato, but anything would work.