Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Three "F"s of a Fun Fourth

Happy July 4th to all my fellow Americans. I simply refuse to celebrate on the 5th, as our nation will be doing this year. While I do understand the need on occasion to switch some timing around - after all, I am the grandmother who bought Kayla a bike for her birthday nearly 2 months early so she wouldn't miss out on prime cycling season... but let's face it - she's TWO! She doesn't know the difference. I think by the time you're as old as the United States, you pretty much can't be fooled that way. And besides, Sunday is A GREAT day to celebrate a national holdiday. Do we really need to be so childish and try to get an extra "day off school" out of it???

But I digress. This weekend at the G6 home had all the makings of a Fantastic Fourth. The three "F"s of a Fabulous Fun Fourth if you will:


We began by having the whole crew - lock stock and grandkids - move in for Shabbos. We followed that up with a Sunday outing to the zoo. In the 95 degree heat, trust me when I tell you that I never envied the penguins and the sea lions quite so much as I did today! {Family: check}

We then sat down to the requisite July 4th repast of grilled hamburgers {Food: check}

And finally, we dragged our tired bodies out to the George Washington Bridge after dark to catch a glimpse of the famous Macys Fourth of July Fireworks - enhanced by a few (illegal?) local shows to boot ;) {Fireworks: check}

Oh, and suddenly I DO KNOW why we need the day off tomorrow.... to RECOVER from today!!!!


Anonymous said...

Great photos of these fireworks!
I love how they make us feel like kids again.

David_on_the_Lake said...

To be accurate.
The day America declared Independence was the 2nd of July.
Thats when Congress voted to break away from England.
The declaration wasn't signed until the 4th so for some reason thats the day that stuck but technically speaking it was the 2nd when we became independent.
Sooooo you could celebrate the 5th.