Sunday, October 17, 2010

Food Photo SUNDAY?!??!

OK..... So I can't control myself.

The cookbook review and contest for Susie Fishbein's new addition Kosher By Design Teens and 20-Somethings isn't due for another few days (their rules, not mine....), but after the very successful Tie Dye Cookies, which I brought to my building's "Get To Know Your Neighbors Kiddush" (an awesome idea, by the way.... you should try it!), I was eager to try something different and perhaps savory.

The "Teens and 20-Somethings" in my house were drooling over the recipe entitled "Homemade Chickies", an homage apparently to a famous Teaneck, NJ restaurant with 'to die for' chicken sandwiches. I've gotta say that if they taste as good in the restaurant as they did at my table tonight, I understand why people stand in lines out the door to get them. Mmmmm.... messy, but yummy.

Now on to some final pre-review and contest business. Artscroll has allowed me to post one full recipe for your enjoyment and I am having a hard time choosing. So leave me a comment and tell me which you'd prefer:

Southwest Rotisserie Chicken Wraps
Pinapple Maple Glazed Salmon
Peanut Butter and Banana French Toast
Creamy Gnocchi Pesto Salad
Chocolate Tart in Pretzel Crust (Dairy)
Smashed Potatoes
Spicy Carrot Sticks
Scones or
Turkey Sliders

The choice is up to you.


Anonymous said...

MMMMM....what you just posted looks good! Why not post that recipe?

itsagift said...

Ohmygosh, that looks heaven!!

And such a tough choice!

I'd choose between Southwest Rotisserie Chicken Wraps, Creamy Gnocchi Pesto Salad and Turkey Sliders. That's a hard one!

itsagift said...

Yeah, I agree with mm :)

G6 said...

Sorry morahmamela -
I'm not allowed.

excited to see recipes! said...

Pinapple Maple Glazed Salmon

i LOVE salmon and love new recipes!!

Yekke Wannabe said...

I would have taken Southwest Rotisserie Chicken Wraps but i know i am going to win so i could wait until i get the whole book

efrex said...

Oof! I feel my arteries clogging just LOOKING at that thing... Breaded chicken INSIDE a sandwich? Who are we, Babylonians?

דאמר ר' זירא בבלאי טפשאי דאכלי לחמא בלחמא
("R' Zera said: the Babylonians are fools, for they eat bread with bread." - Nedarim 49b)

That said, I'll vote for the pesto salad: if they have a reasonable gnocchi recipe that isn't too headachy to make, I might actually look into this thing (if, on the other hand, they call for packaged gnocchi, fuhgetaboutit).

Anonymous said...

G6, now I know where we will go sat. night!! We LOVE chickies, as do our kids. The trick to the sandwiches is how thin the chicken is and those awesome sauces!!!

G6 said...

Anonymous -
It's been far too long :)

WAdsworth3 said...

I would be the lone voice rooting for Peanut Butter and Banana French Toast, so I'll just second Efrex.

Rivki Silver said...

I vote for Creamy Gnocchi Pesto Salad! Yummy!

G6 said...

efrex -

Prepare to be disappointed ;)
Others might call it relieved....

efrex said...

Feh. In that case, I vote for the chocolate tart in pretzel crust. For my money, if you're going to use packaged gnocchi, you might as well just boil up some pasta and save a few bucks. Fresh gnocchi is a joy (The version at Mike's Bistro is pricy, but oh-so-ridiculously-good), but a pain in the you-know-what to make. Please tell me that they at least make the pesto from scratch...

proudmommy0f4 said...

I vote for the salmon - I'd love a new fish recipe!

Daveda said...

The homemade chickies sandwich looks amazing! How do I sign up for the free cookbook giveaway? Please advise.

G6 said...

Daveda -
My cookbook review post will go up on Wednesday, followed by the contest details.
Stay tuned :D