Friday, February 25, 2011

Food Photo Friday - Hamantaschen

Over the course of this week, I managed to bake over 8 dozen hamantaschen.
Though my family would be perfectly happy with the status quo, every year, to satisfy my own creative side, I always try to make one "something different" flavor, in addition to our traditional prune and apricot. There are no poppy seed ("mohn") hamantaschen in our house because if Avram's immune system even gets a whiff of them, he won't NEED a Purim costume ... his distorted features will easily qualify.
I've attempted raspberry (too runny).
I toyed with chocolate and chocolate nut (a combination I really wanted to make work, but nobody seemed to enjoy).
This year I chose lemon/lime.
Early indications seem to show that although they lack color contrast, the tangy flavor is a hit. In fact, there may be none left by Rosh Chodesh Adar II unless I rush them into the freezer PRONTO.

What did I miss most this year?
The fact that all the little ones are grown, or nearly so.
No more eager little tongues darting out to test if the filling had cooled down enough. (Though there were still plenty of fingers swiping the goods the minute my back was turned....)
Ah, but it seems like yesterday ......

(DD1 at just about the age that HER OWN DD1 is now...)


Leora said...

Oh, so sweet! We also started getting ready for Purim...we spend a month decorating the containers. The food we rush through.

These look delectable. Too bad about Avram's immune system, but I suppose there are worse allergies than poppies.

Annie Cohnen said...

Yael and I baked on the last snowday. Chocolate is the family favorite and we made lots with a can of Rosemarie filling.

itsagift said...

My goodness, so many haman taschen and they're going so fast?! Woah! They probably taste even better than they look!

Ever tried strawberry filling? That comes out quite good and looks pretty too!

You could also do chocolate chips (I've tried that) but the best one yet would be a peanut butter chocolate mixture! PB is my weakness...

Staying Afloat said...

You're giving me palpitations. I need to start. Every year I do baking parties for S.'s class and M.'s friends.

We did very well with peanut butter studded with chocolate chunks, but you need a cookie-type dough and not a yeast. Last year we did pumpkin pie filling- it was very good.

I had a British friend growing up, and her family did mincemeat. They were amazing.

Wish i could taste through the computer. Adar Sameach!

Joey said...

You miss what?? Yeah, okay. Like I wouldn't get tackled if I tried to touch one of those without permission...


G6 said...

Joey -
Just you WAIT.
Need I remind you that NEXT WEEK'S Food Photo Friday is devoted to how you "help" with the baking :P

Y W said...

I hope you save some chocolate Hamontachen for me WHEN i stop by cause thats the only kind I like.

G6 said...

Yekke Wannabe -

No chocolate hamantaschen this year; sorry.

Can I interest you in a Haman Man instead? (stay tuned for next week's Food Photo Friday)

Y W said...

G6- I'll try a Hamon man sounds creative (at least I know there will be a Food photo Friday next week, and while I'm at I hope there will be a wacky Wednesday photo also).

sl said...

You are so smart that you took pictures of your kids "helping
" in the kitchen! i must remember that!! Also, i know at least one of my boys are looking very forward to a Haman Man!!

G6 said...

Anonymous -

IS it a help?
I don't know.
Tune in for Food Photo Friday and YOU decide.....

(Though I must tell you that Joey is pretty handy in the kitchen. He has been a pizza/cafeteria guy in a former life, you know....)

Leora I. said...


G6 said...

Leora I. -
I believe it's OhNuts! circa 2009 or so ;)