Sunday, September 25, 2011

ונתנה תוקף - Unesane Tokef

There are plenty of websites out there that will provide you with current and contemporary Rosh Hashana music.

This year, I decided to pull something out of the archives for you.
Chazzan Robert Frankel led the davening in K'hal Adath Jeshurun (Breuer's) for over fifty years and his soulful Yomim Noro'im davening moved many hearts.

So sit back with me for a moment, close your eyes, and be transported back in time listening to the voice of Chazzan Frankel singing ונתנה תוקף, one of the most stirring pieces in the Rosh Hashana liturgy.

This audio player below has some difficulties. The video above (click above) is more reliable.
(For those of you viewing this post in Google Reader - there is an audio player inserted here. If you do not see it (I do not) please click and listen on the blog itself)


KAJ Choir Director said...

stirring...the kehilloh was very fortunate to have such a true sheliach tzibbur for so many years, and that he made recordings of his interpretations so that even those who never heard him daven can be inspired. We are also fortunate to still have within our midsts those individuals who take care to both preserve and perpetuate the rich legacy of our nusach Hatefilah and minhagim (not to mention this blog which reminds the world bpth within and beyond Washington Heights of the significance and continuing contribution of this Kehillo kedosho to the tapestry that is Ashkenaz)
Kesiva Vachasima Tova!

Anonymous said...

Somehow I cannot get this clip to play although have had no issues with the others. Any advice?


G6 said...

It appears that listeners may have exceeded the daily free bandwidth allotment.
Bear with me and I will try to come up with another option ;)
I'm glad it's so popular though!

G6 said...

FYI - just checked with OpenDrive. Bandwidth limits are reset each day at noon Pacific Time.

Still looking in to other options though because it'll just happen again each day.....

G6 said...

OK -
There you go...
I put up a YouTube video player in addition to the audio player.
That should work better.
Please let me know.

yekkishe bekishe said...

Was this recorded on Rosh Hashono? Looking at the koepchen on the heads of the mispallelim, I'd think so. How was this filmed, & by whom? More importantly, did Chazzon Frankel O"bm know about this recording?

Wishing everyone Ein Froehliches Neues Yahre (sp?) & a Ksivo Vachasimo Tovah (or should that be Tauvoh)

G6 said...

If you look, I labelled the video a "demo tape", which is exactly what it was made for.
I only put it up with that photo (which happens to have been taken Motzoei Yom Kippur many years ago) because Opendrive's player was giving people trouble and YouTube doesn't allow audio only.
Chazzan Frankel MADE and DISTRIBUTED this recording as a demo tape for other Shelichei Tzibbur and I sought and received his family's permission prior to posting.

yekkishe bekishe said...

My sincerest apologies.

I looked at the windows & saw it was dark outside.

Just for that you may eat an extra piece of FlaumenKuchen!

YDL said...

Many thanks to G6 for spreading our sacred heritage - of which Ashkenaz music is very much a part of. Unfortunately, if it is not publicized it will be lost. We are lucky to have such recordings...and I would very much like to see more!

BLD said...

Mi Yitain Temuroso.

YW said...

Speaking about chazzanim for Yomim Noraim, Michael was unbelievable on Yom Kippur. I very much enjoyed his davening.