Monday, March 5, 2007

Purim Was Wicked Wonderful....

Although the last of the platters are still scattered across my counter, mingling with various junk food and homemade goodies, Purim has, in fact "left the building"...
As I finish cleaning up the detritus of countless shalach monos packages, 15+ purim seudah guests and various foot traffic in and out of the apartment for liquor, jello shots & of course haman men, I reflect on what a totally AMAZING DAY it was.
Michael leined in shul, the nursing home, the hospital, as well as for private people in their homes. Delivering Shalach Monos and checking out all the costumes was lots of fun and the weather was pretty forgiving. Purim seudah was very leibedig and was enhance by two highly entertaining grammens performed by Joseph (via telephone) and Binyomin. They had us in stitches. Michael inserted one (much deserved) rebuttal grammen stanza for Joseph. Both Michael and Binny graced us with words of Torah (thank you Michael for reminding me that Pesach is coming... I really needed that!!)
Everybody added something to the special atmosphere - - - Oma, Mark & Becky B. (and young'uns), Eric, Estie, Binny, Binyomin and Lester. Mark called it an "eclectic crowd". I call it family.

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