Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sleep Deprivation

I'm entirely too tired to come up with anything of import to say here.... who are those people who can live on only four hours of sleep and how can I learn their methods??!?
Due to this sleep deprivation, thoughts are bouncing around my head in a most disjointed and disconnected fashion.
I'll share a few but remember to watch out for flying objects and be ready to duck at a moment's notice.
  • G-d's driving the bus..... (I just hope he lets me know where my stop is...)
  • Pesach will come whether or not I vacuum out the inner recesses of my closet that I haven't seen all year
  • I can choose to see any aspect of my life from either a positive or negative viewpoint.... choosing the positive never makes a person weak, even if it seems so
  • There are times in life when we need to realize that we just have to trust our gut.... (and pray a little)
  • Family and friends are the biggest gift in life
  • Hugs are very important
  • Do we really want to try the frozen pizza that is kosher l'pesach this year??
  • I love chocolate

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