Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Visit to "Grovers Corners"

I went to visit my father today. Every time I go to the Beis Olam, I think of Thornton Wilder's, "Our Town". In the final act, there is a burial scene in which the dead are sitting upright and erect, like tombstones, in rows of chairs on the front of the stage. I feel that way when I go out to our Beis Olam. Old friends and family; gone but not forgotten, are sitting there waiting for my arrival and greet me with warm smiles. It is a surprisingly calming feeling.
I also think of this particular play because of the underlying message it sends. It reminds us that people live their lives without appreciating or sharing the moment of living. They overlook the joy found in simple everyday activities.
I spent quite a bit of time davening at the kevorim of my family and close friends and asking them to be Melitzei Yosher for myself and my loved ones, especially since sometimes I worry that my own tefillos are not worthy enough.... I left feeling much better.


Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity, who was your father? BTW, I was in the Beis Olam in Clifton this afternoon & I saw the grave of Mr. Bechoffer. It was nerve wracking, considering that I had seen him hale & hearty the last time I was at KAJ. THen of course, today is my son's Yahrzeit so everything is nerve wracking.

G6 said...

Anonymous - Ad Biyas Hagoel to you on this most difficult day.
In answer to your question, my father was the Baal Tokeah of our shul for many years.
Find out more about him here, here, and here.
If you remember him and have any memories to share, I'd be most grateful.