Friday, March 23, 2007

Random Thoughts To Joseph Upon His Arrival Home

  1. Fancy cashmere socks are NOT supposed to be covered in lint. Oh and while we are on the topic, and fleece slipper-socks are NOT meant to be worn Friday night to shul with dress shoes, NO MATTER WHAT is written on the package.
  2. The lime green tie is nice, but I could do WITHOUT the obvious (ketchup?) stains on it.... {and this time, your standard line for stains won't work..."Don't worry Mom, the tie covers it"}
  3. 100% wool pants, when washed in the machine, come out smelling like wet sheep. {Follow up thought... you could have spent more on the dry cleaners this year than $8.37)
  4. If that bruise on your arm starts oozing, please see a doctor. Sports injuries are not in the same category as war wounds.....(though you might use them to impress a girl some day)
  5. Thanks for bringing some warm weather with you - I'll reward you with an apple/cranberry kugel tonight.
  6. I love you and I'm really glad you're home!

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You write very well.