Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hang in There - Yom Tov is Coming

We are encouraged this Yom Tov to actively feel as if we accepted the Torah ourselves at Har Sinai and with decorations such as the ones we have in our shul, it is quite easy to close one's eyes, smell the scent of cedar in the air, listen to the melodious tunes, and imagine that we are in Hashem's presence at Matan Torah.

The video that follows depicts a time lapse chronicle of the 48 hours leading up to Shavuos in our shul.  That is how long it takes to make the sanctuary look as amazing as it does. (of course the whole thing comes down motzoei yom tov in record time.....)

Many thanks to all those who helped with the project, specifically Victor and the three G6 men depicted in the video.

Chag Sameach to All.


Baked Lecho Dodi said...

Beautiful. I hope that many people enjoyed it. (vs. Lakewood? :)

a proud Chicago Mom said...

This was BEAUTIFUL!!!!It absolutely brought tears to my eyes,and lots of fond memories........Hope you all had a wonderful Chag.

Meir said...

1) Who had the job before your husband?

2) When I was a kid we used to come and help. Does that still happen?

G6 said...

Meir -

My husband has been involved in the project for close to 40 years.
He tells me that Mr. Kurt Wolf z"l was in charge when he was a child, but he honestly cannot recall who did the actual work before him.

Depending on the days of the week that Yom Tov falls, neighborhood children and adults would occasionally come to assist in the project. This year, that did not work out. Two G6 sons were proud to help out their father, who takes two vacation days off of work in order to do this.

Meir said...

Intreresting. Thanks for the info. I didn't realize it took two days to do all that. Pretty impressive. Real dedication. (I know that I would be pretty reluctant to take two vacation days to work!)