Sunday, May 10, 2009

Little Things Make Me Happy (Shabbos Wrapup) ...

... like when my guests who've never met before all arrive in coordinating pink ties. :)
Among others, we were pleased to meet and host fellow blogger Harry-er than them all at our Shabbos table this week.  I have a not-so-secret goal of "having to dinner" (not to be confused with having for dinner) as many bloggers whose work I enjoy as possible.  (I should also note that Harry-er is not only a great guest, but he has the world's best recipe for peanut butter pasta!)
A few of my commenters have inspired me to want to invite them as well, but sadly those that continue to call themselves anonymous don't have a chance.  I hope you all realize that you can select the "name" button on the comments form, and give yourself any name of your choosing and still remain anonymous while no longer blending in with every other anonymous, perhaps one less clever than yourself.
Along that vein, anonymous from last night.... thanks for the chuckle.

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harry-er than them all said...

It wasn't done purposely, but they were both nice ties.