Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Single Digits!

I know many of my followers use Google Reader to keep up with my posts and therefore don't visit my actual blog as often as I'd like.  
Those of you who do stop in might have noticed that the countdown timer in the upper right hand corner of every page is now well into the SINGLE DIGITS.  For those who remember when the count read 200+, it has been quite a wait. At long last we will see how Joey's Millionaire Story ends.
I once again invite anyone who lives locally to swing by my office next Wednesday and Thursday at 12:30 pm and join in the group of people who will be sharing the excitement.  Joey will certainly be around on Thursday. And yes, he WILL be wearing his (in)famous blue and orange shoes - THE VERY SAME SHOES FEATURED ON "WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE" (Whether or not he won enough money to replace the worn, hole-riddled, monstrosities remains to be seen.....)
Another item of interest:  The contestant who preceded Joey in the hot seat on Tuesday and Wednesday's shows, Kara Olsen, is also frum. I hear the kosher food in the green room was pretty good that day :)

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