Wednesday, November 25, 2009

See You On Shabbos

I want to share with you the inception of a wonderful new website called See You On Shabbos.
See You On Shabbos describes itself as "a free and safe Jewish hospitality site which helps match guests with host families from around the world". It is a website that dedicates itself to bringing together prospective Shabbos hosts, who wish to share the beauty and joy of their Shabbos experience, and individuals looking to partake in a Shabbos experience.
It is user friendly and it is easy to jump right in and set up your profile as either a host or a guest. Please be patient as the site gets itself off the ground... not all features are 100% up and running yet, but they should be soon.


Yekkishe Bekishe said...

I checked out the site. I couldn't figure out who the Rabbinical auspices are for this site. It is the prefect way for missionaries to enter the Frum community (I speak from bitter experience). Does anybody have any ideas?

G6 said...

YB -
This site originally came to me from two sources, Rabbi Daniel Coren of Project Inspire and Rebbetzin Rosalyn Borchardt, widow of Rabbi Boruch Borchardt זצ''ל.
They both vouch highly for this endeavor.
You can read more about it here.
Here is a shot bio or Rabbi Klatzko, the program's founder:
"Rabbi Benzion Klatzko, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, received his rabbinic ordination from the Mir Yeshviah. He went on to serve as a Rabbi in Agudah of Boro Park for seven years, followed by a three year stint as Rabbi in a local Perth Amboy, New Jersey Congregation.He later accepted a position as on-campus-rabbi for UCLA, where he was instrumental in the enrollment of hundreds of students to various yeshivos and seminaries.He currently serves as the national collegiate director for the Afikim and Wolson foundations, and has published a book, entitled The Kuntrus by Moznaim Publications. In addition to his talents in the outreach field, he has studied milah under Rabbi Benzion Krohn, and composes music professionally. Rabbi Klatzko is also one of the founders of the "See You On Shabbos" shidduch program as well as the website. Rabbi Klatzko and his wife Shoshana currently live in Monsey and are the proud parents of ten children."

Pesky Settler said...

We have something here in Israel - and we've hosted 18-20something year old students - both here just to learn and those who have made Aliyah.

ProfK said...

The only thing that niggles at me somewhat is the pictures required of both the guests and the hosts. I suppose you could look at it that because of the pictures a guest and his/her hosts will not seem like strangers to each other because they have "seen" each other before. On the other hand, I've the feeling that guests and hosts may not be chosen based on the "look" they present--long peyos, white shirt--not for us. Kipah sruga--not for us. Jean skirt--not for us. Etc., etc.. We've gotten awfully used to making snap judgments based on begadim without taking any other factors into consideration.