Monday, November 9, 2009

You Got That Right!

OK, I know that I should be posting about our wonderful Shabbos company and Jennifer's Bas Mitzvah celebration (which turned out even better than we imagined it would), but I'm a little overwhelmed now and I will try to return and update you on those topics shortly.

Just a tidbit for tonight....

All the whirlwind activity (see above), coupled with the fact that a few of my friends/co-workers haven't been feeling too well of late, and the fact that I'm swamped at work, have left me feeling a bit drained. Therefore, when I popped into our local Duane Reade drugstore on my way home from my workout this evening, I was uncontrollably drawn to the chocolate display. I really needed a pick me up and I seldom splurge this way especially on the way home from the gym but that's another sad story. I guiltily grabbed a favorite of mine (ok, ok, and another one I've never tried that was on SALE, for goodness sakes.... you can't very well pass up a sale on gourmet chocolate, can you???) and then set out to find the items on my original list.

I was still feeling a bit sinful when I approached the checkout counter, until I noticed a sign (advertising the store's new line of snack foods) posted at the front of the store that completely validated me (Now I'm sorry that I didn't take my camera with me because I couldn't find an image of the sign on line).
The sign said:

"Sometimes what you need to feel better isn't at the pharmacy counter"

You got that right!


Tem said...


feel better!!

ProfK said...

Oh yeah, been there, done that. Still surprised that some enterprising doctor hasnt't told a woman under stress "take two Hershey's Kisses and you won't need to call me in the morning."

frumskeptic said...

the greatest thing in the world- Ferrerro Rocher chocolates are OU-D. they're the greatest, possibly most fattening form of medication for a down day! :)