Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Who Doesn't Love a Giveaway Contest?

Hadassah over at In the Pink has a free giveaway contest going on.
You can win a free gift from
The rules may be a little complicated, but watching you all scramble is fun for Hadassah and we know she's a bit bored with her husband currently 333 (3,000 sounds so much better) miles away Smiley Faces. So go - entertain her a bit - enter her contest!


HSaboMilner said...
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Anonymous said...

a) thanks very much for the link
b) he is 333 miles away ;) , and with 4 boys underfoot I am never bored.....
c) yes they are a little complicated - I didnt write them...
d) YES you can win stuff!!

(sorry about the deleted commented, signed in with blogger, not wordpress)