Saturday, November 21, 2009

Who Will Be The Next Blogger To Take The Plunge?

Regular readers of the comment section of my blog will be quite familiar with efrex. His insightful, humorous and often educational comments are an eagerly awaited complement to my posts. There have been those (not I!!) who have said that his comments are too wordy. Well, suffice it to say, I have found the way to render efrex speechless - and it comes in the form of two adorable small boys who can easily dominate the table conversation over and above their father Smiley Faces.

We had the great pleasure of having efrex, The Lovely Wife (tm) and their two young sons, along with Mr. Hollywood at our Friday night table this week.

I always knew we had a lot in common. We both consider ourselves "foodies". We both enjoy musical theater (although only one of us is obsessed....). We have similar ideology on certain aspects of Torah Im Derech Eretz. But Wait! There's more!!! Who knew that efrex's family, like ours, has the minhag to wash before kiddush on Friday night? But the crowning glory in this "separated at birth scenario" would be the discovery that The Lovely Wife (tm) doesn't stack her dishes either! Granted, she has a reason and I merely have an illness can't bring myself to do it, but the similarity is jarring nonetheless.

For those who are curious, I did manage to coax efrex into singing the entire verse of Harvey and Sheila (very, very impressive) and was even treated to a "bonus track" of efrex singing a "laugh out loud" song by Allan Sherman parodying Gilbert and Sullivan's "When I Was A Lad".

I think we've found new a "must have" addition to our annual talent night!


aN Dy said...

nice to see a meal where other people make themselves feel at home ;-)

ProfK said...

You mean there are people who stack the dishes at the table? Seriously? A definite shidduch no-no in some circles.

Yeah, it's nice when company seems to fit in as if you'd known each other for ever, although sometimes a rarity. Enjoy the treat!

Anonymous said...

he sang these ballads before or after holy shabbos zemiros??

G6 said...

Don't worry.... long after.
After bentching, actually.

The fact that the zemiros were holy and uplifting goes without saying, but your concern is heartwarming nonetheless....