Monday, May 18, 2009

Blood Drive Tonight

There is a blood drive at Mt. Sinai Jewish Center tonight until midnight.
You know my feelings on the subject already.
Be part of something important.
You'll be glad you did!
Leave me a comment telling me you did so I can be proud :D


Anonymous said...

Some people cant.

G6 said...

Then they shouldn't.

frumcollegegirl said...

i'm going to a closer blood drive on Wednesday

G6 said...

FCG - Good for you!

Casa G6 is 3 pints lighter tonight.

Now I know I saw a few of you commenters coming, going and sitting there tonight.

Stand up and be counted (and inspire others!).

Something Different said...

I had a question about people with diabetes giving blood, but I think they can as long as they never took animal insulin. I am 99% sure I never did, so in that case I really should try to overcome my fear of non-essential pokes and give blood...

efrex said...

Came. Donated. Had Lorna Dunes & OJ afterwards.

There are very very few things that I feel that I have going for me when I have to account for myself achar me'ah v'esrim. I consider my gallon club card (now earned almost 10 times over) my "ace in the hole." If you can donate (and unfortunately, the rules keep getting tighter and tighter, shrinking the potential donor pool), take the 20 minutes to do so.

If you missed the Mt. Sinai blood drive, there are regular donation sites throughout the city.

I already have my son's 16th birthday (in 2021) marked off on my calendar for his first donation.

Anonymous said...

Already two Tuesday nights have passed since the elections, and no reports?

G6 said...

Election results are available here.

YW said...

I vomited then passed out when my wife gave birth so I think I'll pass on giving blood for now.