Thursday, November 5, 2009

When It Rains, It Pours....

Yes, yes, I know Parshas Noach is done and gone, but I'm referring to Shabbos guests, not liquid precipitation.
We haven't had a table so full that we had to turn away guests since Succos but this week... wow! Where did everybody come from? Did somebody put out a classified ad for guests in our name? We are expecting a full house with old friends and new guests in attendance and we had to make rain check arrangements for the overflow.

I'll be serving my Lox Quiche as an appetizer and since it's been a while since I shared a recipe with you, I thought I'd include one now:

Lox Quiche

2-3 onions -- sliced into rings
garlic powder -- to taste
1 large package lox
dill -- to taste
4 eggs
1 cup parve "milk" (coffee rich, soy milk)
1/2 cup hot water
4 Tablespoons flour
2 pie shells -- unbaked

Sauté onions in a bit of oil. Add garlic powder.

Place lox, dill and onions into pie shell. G6 Tip: Lay the lox down smoothly first and then weigh it down with the onions. Otherwise it will float to the top during baking and dry out.
Whisk eggs, "milk", water and flour together. Pour on top. Sprinkle with additional dill.

Bake at 350° for 45 minutes - 1 hour.

This recipe freezes very well.

There will of course be more traditional fare, including my awesome potato kugel.
So who's coming to help me peel potatoes?


efrex said...

A food nerd I am, but I'm still a guy, which means that I draw the line at making quiche. As far as I'm concerned, lox, onions and eggs belong on a bagel, not in a pie shell, but to each his/her own... :)

FBB said...

You'd gobble it if she said "pastrami," so just think of it as smoked meat, and you'd probably love it!

ProfK said...

There's a perfect solution--pour the mixture into a round pan without the pie crust and bake in the oven. Name of the dish is Frittata, and it solves the male aversion to quiche.

BLD said...

Is this for Seudat Shlishi ?

efrex said...

Before I go any further, let me make perfectly clear that I am certain that the dish in question is a delicious savory opener. Should I ever have the zechut of having a meal at G6's, I would not dream of disparaging this appetizer should it be placed in front of me. My only issues are with my making said dish.

FBB: I'd actually be ten times as horrified if somebody put a pastrami quiche in front of me: G-d intended pastrami to be eaten with coarse mustard on rye bread, washed down with a can of Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray soda (although I grudgingly acknowledge alternate mesorot involving lettuce, root beer, ginger beer, or cream soda). I defer to absolutely nobody in my love of fish, but there is no way that my imagination will ever allow me to confuse lox quiche and smoked meat.

ProfK: Technically, a frittata starts off being fried in the pan, and only gets finished in the oven/broiler. Once frying is involved, all male aversions get taken off the table :).

G6 said...


You never cease to make me laugh.

After your comments regarding the only appropriate manner in which to eat pastrami, I wonder what you would do if I placed my salami quiche florentine in front of you.......

That said, you definitely get points for appreciating a good Dr. Brown's Cel-ray soda. I feel so much less alone :) .

efrex said...

I shouldn't go quite so far; "A good Cel-Ray soday" is probably an oxymoron. For some reason, however, this "who thought this was a good idea?" concoction works well with artery-clogging meats.

My mind has still not quite wrapped itself around the concept of "salami quiche florentine." I'm envisioning some combination of salami, eggs, and spinach/broccoli. If that's remotely accurate, then I'd probably politely decline (while my mental self shrieks in horror at the devastation wrought on that poor, defenseless salami), although if the green stuff were of sufficiently small proportion, I might well be able to eat some. IMO, Salami is for drying (after which, see previous pastrami rules) school lunch sandwiches, or for getting a slice from the butcher's when you're 8 and your mother's getting her usual shabbat order (is there anyplace where this still exists?)

The whole concept of cold cuts in eggs is something that completely passed me by in my childhood (I think I first came across it when I was in my 20s), and I must confess that it continues to do so. Do deli meats not have enough cholesterol already? (I have similar rant about deli roll, but that's for another day). The whole point of cold cuts is that you can take 'em out of the package, lay 'em on a plate, and dinner is served. Cooking with them defeats the whole idea, no?

G6 said...

OK, efrex -

Now you've gone TOO FAR!!!
Duly noted not to serve you my delicious salami quiche florentine when we finally get you guys for a meal (it's obviously wasted on you anyway :P ) but don't you start up with my salami and eggs!!!
What else do you EAT Erev Pesach for lunch if not salami & eggs with potato salad????????

efrex said...

chas veshalom that I should start up with anybody's signature dish; I merely state my personal preferences and rules (all of which, naturally The Lovely Wife[tm] treats with due deference *cough cough*).

I don't recall any specific erev Pesach ritual meals growing up; we probably had some combination of cheese, hard-boiled eggs, and fruits/veggies, but that's just a guess.

It is somewhat curious, though, that I have my aversion to cold-cut/egg combinations. After all:
* processed meat = good
* fried food = good
* quickly cooked food = good
Why, then, is quickly fried up processed meat something that I don't care for?

Great; now I have to engage in introspection. Expect to see my psychiatrist's bill soon... :)

FBB said...


Please excuse me if I offended you. Perhaps, your personal moniker of "food nerd" threw me off. Had you said "Foodie" or even "food snob," I would not have been led astray. That said, a true foodie must try all concoctions, thus learning which savory/sweet combinations bring out the true essence of their meal.

Eggs and salami, with potato salad? It's Verstuen and potato salad around here....though we can't find the short fat ones anymore....