Saturday, January 30, 2010

Delurker for Dinner

Thanks to Delurker Day, we had the opportunity to meet and spend a wonderful Friday night dinner with "Brad" this week. And in return he was treated to an eagerly awaited first taste of gruenkern soup (of course it doesn't reach its peak of flavor until Shabbos morning, but he was very understanding).

An added bonus was that "Brad" already knew some of our other guests so it was like one big happy family, sitting around and catching up on our lives. (I must say that some of us have more colorful lives than others (with police and FBI involvement) - - - those guests should REALLY have blogs of their own, I tell you....!).

We were also excited to have Louisa, who is in the United States for a brief visit, reclaim her rightful place as our havdalah girl (now woman?). Since this was Joey's first week back at Yeshiva, it sure lessened the void.

All in all a pleasant Shabbos (with lots of leftover dried fruit so come on over!).


Anonymous said...

and a pleasure it was!! and i thought I had an exciting life-S takes the cake. Thanx so much for opening up your wonderful and delicious home and the Gruenkern was great(I'm a meat guy so the kosher(i hope) kielbasa was my favorite part, but it was very good.Thanx once again

Anonymous said...

and let us hear great news soon-amen

Yekkishe Bekishe said...

The quasi-Gruenkern Soup - made from Wheat Berries - was very good. We used only Rauchfleisch, which can be bought in Flatbush. It was much thicker than Gruenkern Soup, which can be very easily explained due to the fact that much of the protein in Gruenkern is converted to carbohydrates during the ripening process!