Monday, January 11, 2010

Zagat Review - BadforShidduchim Style...

Yes, folks!
We have another satisfied customer.
It seems that Bad4 was kind enough to "review" her Friday night dining experience on her blog, and I post it here to whet your appetites ummm... drum up business for your reading pleasure.

Guess Who Came for Dinner?


It was Blobby’s idea and Scraps’s execution and I just came along for the ride. Or the food. Good food, I should mention. If you are ever in Washington Heights, I cannot recommend enough that you drop in on G6 for a bite.

G6 is one of the few people you can describe as ebullient; she was positively aflutter with excitement when an unexpected party dropped in around dessert time and she had made an extra dessert!!! (I’ve only ever seen one other person actually flutter in excitement.) So, if you want to make her happy, I recommend you drop in around dessert time. It will make you happy too.

‘Course, it ain’t all about the food. The company and conversation were good, and we were loath to leave, and I might have consequently conked out on their table (my bedtime is 10:15 pm and we definitely passed it) if Scraps hadn’t been perceptive enough to excuse us.

Til next time!


Something Different said...

Wow, a link within a link. I must be cool!

Anonymous said...

Was it full of bad4 shidduch stories? The other G6 members must've had a nice amount of wine to get them through it...

G6 said...

Anonymous (and don't think for a *minute* that I don't know who you are!) -
You might be surprised to discover that girls in shidduchim happen to have many other things to talk about.
These girls were intelligent, well spoken and interesting.
Stop typecasting :P