Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saw Them On Shabbos

Back in November, I advised my readers of a fledgling website called See You On Shabbos.

You can register on the website as either a "host" or a "guest". You can specify whether you want to host any combination of "boys", "girls", "couples" and/or "families with children". You also specify whether or not you can provide lodging, which day of the week you prefer notification by and any other pertinent information.

This week we received our first meal request via See You On Shabbos and I am pleased to report that the system worked flawlessly! Our guests were lovely and engaging and we enjoyed their company immensely.

Why not try it out yourself. C'mon... as the website says - - - help someone "find their challah"!


Anonymous said...

Such a nice idea!

Anonymous said...

were they bloggers??

SuperRaizy said...

(Wanted to let you know that I just realized that you were not on my blogroll. Sorry about that! I have just added you.)
Anyway, See You on Shabbos seems like a great idea.I hate cooking for company, otherwise I might actually participate.

Pesky Settler said...

My husband and I have hosted kids a few times. It's been nice.