Saturday, January 9, 2010

Who's On First? I Don't Know. Third Base!

This past week, conversations in my house had taken on the tone of a bad Abbot and Costello routine as I eagerly awaited our mystery Shabbos guests.

Me: I think it's probably BadforShidduchim but it could be Something Different...
Avram: What?
Me: Our Shabbos guest.
Avram: If it's not Bad4, who could it be?
Me: Something Different
Avram: How different could she be?
Me: No that's her name....

I was pretty sure that it was Bad4, and I was tempted to pre-schedule a post to go up on Shabbos with my final guess posted for all to see. I didn't for two reasons:
  1. After my sister-in-law questioning me about what I am doing up at 2 a.m. blogging, I realized that not everybody is aware of the possibility of "scheduled" posts and it might seem like "ma'aras ayin" to have a post go up after Shabbos begins. (Despite what it may look like, I don't blog from work either. Who would do such a thing...?)
  2. Ignore reason #1. The overriding reason was the fact that I was only about 90% sure that it was BadforShidduchim and my pride couldn't take the hit of being wrong for all to see.

Well, suffice it to say, that after Scraps walked in with our two other guests, one with a gleam in her eye and the same impish and clever attitude that she exhibits on her blog, there was not a doubt in my mind that I was talking with Bad4. Guest #3's blogdentity (is that even a word?) remains a secret at her request.

We had a wonderful evening and even had a short stint playing Jewish Blogger Geography (which Bad4 wins hands down, since I am at a distinct disadvantage because I'm banned from her Manhattan Ice Cream Meetups due to marital discrimination).

Once Scraps used the term "funsies" at the table, we knew we'd have to do this again sometime. I had never heard that word out of anybody's mouth other than Joey's and truthfully, my train of thought was derailed for a good five minutes...

So now the only question that remains is...... WHO'S NEXT?

(Baked Lecho Dodi? "Fake" Lecho Dodi? Something Different?)


Something Different said...


Not only did Something Different mastermind this little surprise, but she had uncancellable shabbos plans or she would have been there too. Now what an awesome surprise would THAT have been?

Oh, and SD would love to come. She needs an invitation.

And I am glad you made your sweet kugels. :-) And that you didnt make a fancy cake in an attempt to impress a fellow perfectionist.

G6 said...

SD -
YOU were the mastermind?? This little tidbit didn't come up in conversation... do tell....
And I certainly intend to take you up on your promise to come next time.
Re the food... you don't know what you missed!!! (My personal favorite was the molten chocolate chip cakelets... not "pretty" but oh so yummy!!!)

the other dinner guest said...

had a really nice time!! :-)

Anonymous said...

You should just call her Blobby, like I do. ;-)

I did say she suggested it, didn't I? If not, it was SD's idea.

And yeah, poor Blobby missed some good vittles. Yum. I am totally up for a return invitation.

Though, come to think of it, you didn't actually invite me... neither did Scraps... and neither did SD the weekend I went to her... this could get to be a bad habit.

Something Different said...

Yes, I was the one who came up with the idea and devised the plan, only it wasn't carried out according to my specifications.

So when am I invited?

G6 said...

Ooooh, gimme the dirt!
Who messed up and with what?
Thirty lashes with a wet noodle.

Come soon, Blobby! I'm even more intrigued now than before. (I found out that you're a 'force feeder out of love' just like me too)

ProfK said...

Finally figured out G6 why I always come away from your blog hungry--molten chocolate chip cakelets huh? Share the recipe?

harry-er than them all said...

profk- think your hungry? think of all the starving yeshiva guys who read her blog, wondering when they could get a home cooked meal.

plus the food is good in real life too

G6 said...

Harry -

"...wondering when they could get a home cooked meal..."

As you well know from personal experience, it's there for that asking. We really need to find you a "reason" to come on out to the Heights again.

Any nice girls want a really good, thinking Torah Im Derech Eretz learning boy? :D