Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Gift for the Guf and a Gift for the Neshama

Louisa came by on Friday bearing unexpected gifts.
One for my 'guf' and one for my 'neshama'.
We learn hilchos Shabbos together and the gift for the neshama was something to help me better adhere to the mitzvos involved in Shmiras Shabbos.
The gift for the guf was my favorite fruit of all time and I haven't had them in so long that they are a "Shehecheyanu" for me at the same time.
I hugged her when I saw the fruit. I should have hugged her more for the gift for my neshama.  This disturbed me later.  I guess as my guf was hugging her for the gift it was about to enjoy, my neshama was simultaneously hugging her for its gift.......

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Anonymous said...

don't be silly! your neshama was happy about the fruit, too! (see your previous post). (I meant to write this as a comment, guess I wrote it in an email?)