Monday, March 9, 2009


Many of you read the writeup about Avram in the Jewish Press and the HaModia last week.
Apparently, it was good for business and some feelers we've been putting out in other areas of the country have taken an interest.
Shortly after Pesach we will be packing up and heading down South!!!
Miami here we come!!
Things here in our little corner of the world have changed so radically that we felt it was time to move on... as unbelievable and as sad as that sounds.  But this is a wonderful opportunity.
Joey will be hanging around until he graduates in January and then we hope he'll be looking at law schools nearby (he's been pushing for a warmer climate ever since Yeshiva and he's right... the people we've met from there {you know who you are at Young Israel of North Miami Beach!}, along with the weather know a thing or two about warmth ;) )
I'll keep on blogging and our new home will continue to be a haven for "starving dorm boys"!
More updates to follow... I'll attach them to the bottom of this post as they come in!


The Anatomy of a Rumor:
  1. Find an outlandish story with just enough "plausibility".
  2. Add in just the right amount of detail.
  3. Post on your blog.
10 minutes later the Purim fun begins:

  1. Unnamed family member: "umm.... it's a joke, right?"
  2. Friends on AIM and Gchat:  "You're MOVING?!?!?"
  3. Flurry of phone calls to various children of mine to "verify" the story.
  4. Comments begin posting on the blog - some sure, some unsure.
  5. More frantic phone calls... 
To all our dear friends, we ask mechila if you were at all upset by this post....
To all those happy to see us go... we will continue to be a thorn in your side in the near future :)



Anonymous said...

A Freilichen Purim to you and Avram as well!

Anonymous said...

Our window on Wash Hts is slamming down hard. Chaval

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised I actually didn't fall for it. If I didn't know a thing or two about your family's pedigree, I probably would have. A happy Purim to you too. And an early April Fool's Day as well.

Anonymous said...

my heart is still beating too fast, then i checked the date. Good one.

Anonymous said...

is this a purim joke? if it is, not funny!! if not, why dont your friends get a "heads-up"????

Anonymous said...

you know something? changes can happen to anyone, even on Purim.
joke about it now, who knows what the future holds...
freilichin purim